Quiet nights, Loud minds


Argh Lagos has been frustrating and the hustle is real. As in how many times am I going to move real, how am I not literally starving real, will I ever have a real job real, humidity hates everything about my body real, but I’m glad that I can still find good moments and people between all that. There’s still a lot to get used to here, but I’m still glad to be home and away from New Mexico (I miss it a bit though lol). I’ll be sharing more of my experiences here (if you’re in Lagos) so I look forward to see you there! - Yagazie

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The Pharcyde - Passin’ Me By

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all hail the pretty brown women out there, may your skin glisten in the sun & make every man weak in the knees.

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J. Cole getting emotional listening to the people in Ferguson talk Mike Brown

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More reports about the White Anarchists

oh fun. you know who’s gonna end up paying for / getting blamed for the trouble you’re causing, white anarchists? y’all are always fucking up

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